Who are you?

My name is Cedric Hohnstadt. I own an illustration studio near Minneapolis. When I’m not working on client projects or embarrassing my kids I try to stretch my humor muscles by drawing whatever gags I can think up. We don’t have enough room on our fridge so I post ’em here.

I like your cartoons. Can I use ’em?

All artwork on this website is protected by copyright. Feel free to share them on social media to spread some silly fun! However, since I’ve got kids to feed any commercial or business usage requires my permission plus the payment of a licensing fee. Drop me a line and let’s talk about your project.

Where else can I follow Sketchbook Silliness?

Lots of places:


You can also follow/subscribe to me on Tapastic, LINE Webtoon, and Comic Rocket.

I still have a question.

Cool. Drop me a line. My freelancing schedule keeps me pretty busy but I’ll do my best to get back to you as soon as I can.