I’m taking a risk here and wading into controversy a bit.

Abortion is something people have very strong feelings about. I happen to be pro-life, but I also recognize that an unplanned pregnancy can be a very scary thing. My heart goes out to anyone in that situation. They need a lot of love and support.

Having said that, in a pregnancy I’m convinced there are two lives involved, not one. We know this because of how people react when they see a pregnant woman smoking or drinking (putting the baby at risk for birth defects). This is my attempt to make that point.

I realize not everyone sees the world as I do so if you disagree with me or have a thoughtful comment to share by all means please do. I really do want to hear other points of view and will try to listen and respond in friendliness and respect.

EDIT: If anyone reading this has ever had an abortion, I’d remiss if I didn’t say that that one of my most popular comics is all about God’s amazing forgiveness and love!

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